psalm-119It was Sunday morning and as I was preparing for worship it hit me. I was feeling drained. This is probably not what you want to hear about or from your minister.

On Sunday morning you would assume that the minister was feeling alive and full of energy just before entering worship. However, I was feeling drained and empty. A host of small worries had crept up and on Sunday morning they didn’t want to dissipate. I felt empty inside and was afraid that it would show externally. My smile felt empty, a false shell hiding a hurt inside.

I recognized that I was in need of an extra dose of God’s word. I turned to my Bible and opened it randomly finding myself at Psalm 119: 105.

Your word is a lamp to guide me
and a light for my path.
I will keep my solemn promise
to obey your just instructions.
My sufferings, Lord, are terrible indeed;
keep me alive, as you have promised.
Accept my prayer of thanks, O Lord,
and teach me your commands.
I am always ready to risk my life;
I have not forgotten your law.
The wicked lay a trap for me,
but I have not disobeyed your commands.
Your commandments are my eternal possession;
they are the joy of my heart.
I have decided to obey your laws
until the day I die.

These were words of encouragement that I needed to read. They spoke to my worries and concerns and provided me with the comfort I was looking for. This is the power that the Psalms have in our devotional lives. They provide comfort and peace. Reminding us that we belong to God, that in God we find refuge and security. That when we live within God’s love we find peace.

If ever you find yourself in distress or in need of a comforting word from God I encourage you to turn to the Psalms. To rest and trust in the shelter which God provides.

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