I offer my needs to you
all that affects my health.
I offer my wants to you
all the range of my reaching.
I offer my thoughts to you
all the duties that define my life.
I offer my loves to you
all the people for whom I care.

Help me to understand what I need
for my own survival
and what I can get along without.

Help me to find a healthy balance
between my wants and my thoughts
and give me the wisdom to know
you are in both.

Heal and hallow all my loves
that my caring may be clear and honest.

Help me to discern when I should deny myself
for the sake of others
and when I must affirm myself
for my own sake.

I long for leading.
I wish the decision would make itself.
I can’t meet everybody’s expectations.
I can’t prevent everyone’s hurts.

What matters most?

No one can tell me.
No one.

I have decide alone.

I offer myself to you. Amen.

*Prayer taken from A Faithing Oak: meditations from the mountain, Robert Raines, 1982 

Thanks to VB for sharing it.

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