Isolation by Jessica

Isolation by Jessica

The theme of isolation is one which is being discussed in our modern era. With advancements in technology and communication it is easier than ever to make a connection with people. Whether through a traditional mediums like the telephone or letter writing or through Email, texting and the host of social media platforms we can communicate and share ideas in a way that only twenty years ago was unfathomable.

However, for all that we can communicate with others much of that communication occurs in isolation. In learning how to share ideas and feelings we have become out of sync with one another. Though we keep in touch, we have lost touch. The physical act of being in another persons presence is missing.

Isolation is not a modern phenomenon. Historically societies have enacted a variety of ways in which individuals have been excluded. What is interesting about our modern period is that we are doing it to ourselves, rather than having someone else impose isolation upon us.

Text: Mark 5: 21-41

Questions for Sunday

  • Describe the different ways that Jesus is touched in the passage.
  • Who does Jesus touch in the passage?
  • What is significant about the women who was bleeding?

Prayer for Sunday

Gracious God, allow us to dwell in the comfort of your arms. May we always know your love and be reminded that we are never alone. Amen.

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