ascensionThis Sunday is Ascension Sunday and our Gospel text from Luke deals with this subject. It is curious that Christ’s ascension is given one sentence in Luke’s gospel. For such a grand event it is surprising that Luke spends such little time on it.

While considering this passage this week the phrase ‘what goes up, must come down’ got stuck in my head. We know this to be true when we think about gravity. If I throw a ball in the air it will eventually come back down.

With Jesus it is different. Jesus goes up, he ascends and he does not come back down. At least not yet, we still wait for that day.

In his going up Jesus creates space for us to be. Jesus creates space for the church to come into being and to continue the ministry which he started. Additionally, Jesus makes room for the Holy Spirit to descend, empower and sustain us.

Luke may only spend a sentence on Jesus’ ascension, but that should not stop us from following in the example of the disciples. To praise God with joy at all times and in all places!

Text: Luke 24: 44-53

Questions for Sunday:

  • Why do you think Jesus needed to ascend and leave the disciples?
  • How is the ascension of Jesus linked to his death and resurrection?

Prayer for Sunday:

Loving God, you created all things and called it good. In the story of your son Jesus Christ I see your good news and I give you thanks. Amen.

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