spiritual-growthHoly Trinity,
Mystery manifest in love, One God,
Enlarge my spirit.

If clear perception and the power to act
Conflict with our desire or lazy habit,
Lord, enlarge my spirit.

If I give the name of right to what I desire
Or smother Your emerging Kingdom with conformity,
Lord, enlarge my spirit.

If I avoid decisions as though they were a curse,
And stifle Your creative love in some bewildering agony
Of frustrating sentimentality,
Lord, enlarge my spirit.

If I fear to be transformed from what I am
To what you planned for me from the beginning,
If I complicate your grace with selfish longings,
Lord, enlarge my spirit.

Let my spirit be measured
By the vivid wisdom of your simplicity,
Fill my spirit with the courage of redemption,

Release my spirit to your service
That I might meet the needs of others.
Lord, enlarge my spirit.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

* Adapted from ‘Spilled Milk: Litanies for Living’, 1964.

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