advent-loveThe season of Advent is almost over. In just over a week’s time we will move from the season of Advent to the season of Christmas. This coming Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Advent, a Sunday where we normally discuss and celebrate the theme of love. At its heart Christmas is a celebration of God’s love for creation, understood and realized in the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, what does it mean to pray for love?

Are we asking:

  • someone to love us?
  • to give our love to others?
  • to love unconditionally?
  • to learn to love ourselves?

Are we acknowledging:

  • God’s love for us?
  • how important love is in our life?
  • that we would be lost without the love of our family and friends?

Are we lamenting:

  • the lack of love we see in the lives of our family and friends?
  • how love for self has trumped love for others?

Love is powerful. It is love incarnate that saves us from sin. How is that love reflected in our own lives? Do we celebrate this love and share it with everyone we meet? How does God’s love impact our living?

Prayer of Love

Eternal God, you are the source of love. Thank you for loving me, your love is a source of great comfort to me. During this season of advent may your love reflect in my life. May the work that I do illuminate the world with your light and may the people that I meet see you reflected in my words and actions. In Jesus name. Amen.

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